How does Cleed's Email Finder work?

Updated on
Nov 6, 2023
How does Cleed's Email Finder work?
Paul Chauvin
Co-Founder | Cleed

👉1 email credit means we'll do our best to find a professional email for you and check if it's valid👈

Cleed helps find and check professional emails. To get started, we just need the person's first and last name, along with the company they work for.

Once we've checked, we'll mark the emails as either specific to the person or a general address for the company. You can safely send an email to a specific address, but general addresses are a bit riskier (we'll explain more below).

Now, what are "catch-all" emails?

Sometimes, it's tricky to confirm if an email is real because of something called a "catch-all" setup. This happens when a company's email system accepts all emails sent to its domain, even if the specific address doesn't exist. So, it's hard to know if an email is truly valid. This means your emails might not get read or have a real person receiving them.

If we find that a domain uses "catch-all," we can't guarantee the email addresses we find are accurate.

At Cleed, we give you verified email addresses with a very low chance of bouncing back (less than 5%).

It's important to know that including catch-all emails in your outreach plan is a good idea. If you don't, you might miss out on some great potential contacts.

Just to sum up, we can confirm named email addresses with a bounce rate of under 5%. For unconfirmed or catch-all addresses, the bounce rate is less than 15%.

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