What is a Credit ?

Updated on
Nov 6, 2023
What is a Credit ?
Paul Chauvin
Co-Founder | Cleed

On Cleed, there are three types of credits:

  • Export Credits
  • Email Credits
  • AI Credits

Export Credit

An export credit lets you get detailed information from LinkedIn about the people you're interested in. Cleed also helps tidy up the information by getting rid of emojis, fixing mistakes, and making sure capital letters are used correctly. Plus, we make sure that the people you're interested in really match what you're looking for, and we double-check to be sure.

Email Credit

An email credit helps you find and verify professional emails. When you click the "Find Emails" button, an email credit is used for each line in your file. Cleed uses different techniques to find emails, like looking on LinkedIn and other websites.

It's important to know that even if no emails are found, an email credit is still used because the process of searching for emails costs something.

AI Credit

An AI credit helps you write a personalized cold email for a lead. Our AI looks at the information from the person's profile and writes a message just for them. You have two choices:

  • Let the AI do all of it for maximum personalization
  • Start from a template and have the AI create a special opening line (this option is good if you want to send consistent messages)
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