What is Cleed?

Updated on
Nov 6, 2023
What is Cleed?
Marina Cina
Co-Founder | Cleed

Cleed is a super helpful tool that makes finding new customers easier and faster. It uses really smart technology to gather information from LinkedIn and increase your chances of getting new clients.

Is Cleed easy to use?

Definitely! Cleed is made to be easy for everyone, whether you're tech-savvy or just starting out. It's simple to add Cleed to your work routine and start getting the benefits of using AI to find potential customers.

Can Cleed work for my business?

Cleed is great for lots of different types of businesses, like small ones trying to grow and bigger ones wanting to find more customers. It can be customized to fit what you need.

Is Cleed safe to use?

Keeping your information safe is really important to us at Cleed. We use really good security measures to make sure your data stays protected. Plus, we follow all the rules about gathering information online, so you can trust that Cleed is used the right way.

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